Conventional Wisdom – domain name

I’ve been asked why this site is not hosted on it’s own domain.

Simple reason?

The entire business model of this site/ blog is to show you EXACTLY how easy it is to market using IM tactics to the non IM world.

You don’t even need to start with your own hosting account!

Build your biz model first, figure out what you’re doing, and then get a domain name and monthly hosting fees.

The free wordpress and blogspot test bed for your biz model will still serve to get your RSS feeds promulgated and links back to your site (when you get one) doesn’t hurt either

more coming, I’ve got several irons in the fire as you can tell from this blog’s blogroll… current theme calls it “Friends”

might change the theme by the time my RSS feed clever post titles grab your attention… they will

I’m gonna tell you EXACTLY how to do this, take you by the hand…

make you salivate to pay me the measly $4.95 fee for the ebook I haven’t even written yet



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