Quit Selling Internet Marketing products to newbies…

To the non IM world we ARE gurus!
see this thread in the Internet Marketing Warriors forum

I am by no means a Guru, I too spent months attempting to replicate the results of my IM heros… to no avail

As you’ll see we have lots of better alternatives. I beat my head against the wall for over a year, spending money I didn’t have, got excited when I made my first sale…then switched gears.

did I give up?
No, and here’s why:

In 2004 I drove this truck in Baltimore:

roll off truck I used to drive

They had a sucky website.
I redid the web site in the image of Allen Says Magic Letters
see that website here:
The company I worked for had a 97 pick up truck, my car was broke down…
they gave that pick up to me when their(my) site got them a $100k contract and a big oil spill clean up that was in the Baltimore suburb of Severn Maryland.

It was unbelievibly easy to out perform the local Baltimore web masters!

You wanna know how I make money now?
My Dad died in 2005

my Dad

I took over the drycleaning pick up and delivery service he did when he “retired”

I also do SEO for local Baltimore and Washington contractors

When I pitch my SEO to local Maryland contractors I have them sit down to a computer, tell them to go to google and/ or yahoo type in dry cleaners + Frederick Maryland
Google results

Yahoo results

Then I tell them there are Results and there are Excuses

Then I hand them a copy of Allen Says “Magic Letters”

From that point on I AM the Guru!

Then What do I sell and to whom??? click here to find out.

more coming, very soon


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